July 29, 2017

Armin & Meagan | Edmonton Wedding Photographer

“Where ever she was,
she always looked like she belonged,
on a boat, by a campfire, or on a mountainside.
That’s why I always kept her in my arms,
Because when I looked down,
she looked like she belonged.” -Atticus

Meagan & Armin were one of my first “total stranger” weddings. There was no connection or mutual friends when we initially met. It’s funny how now I feel like I know them so well. Their wedding was one for the books. Filled with love & laughter & surrounded by the best group of family & friends.

(press play)

Coordinator: Chic Perfection
Venue: Yellowhead Brewery
Florist: FaBLOOMosity
Makeup: Sen Studios
Hair: Dao Hair Designs
Dress: The Bridal House YEG
Suit: Derks Formals

I cannot say enough great things about everyone involved in this wedding. I loved being able to shoot at a new location & challenging myself with some more industrial photos!

It is CRAZY to think my 2017 wedding season is almost half over, but I am so grateful for the clients who have trusted me to document their love. I am now booking 2018 coffee dates (consultations) & it is booking WAY quicker than I anticipated. If you would like to discuss your day further with me, send a message – I would love to hear from you.



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