June 10, 2017

Chris & Emily | New Zealand Lifestyle Photographer

“Listen. A healthy relationship isn’t living vicariously through one and other. True love isn’t someone being there at your side every moment of every day, but being free, and encouraged, to pursue your own passions, and then sharing in the spoils of your triumphs together.” – Beau Taplin

I’ve been dreaming about doing a photo session on my in-laws place since I first started taking photos. It is one of the most incredible places. And what better couple to pose for these photos than my sister-in-law & her boyfriend!

Located on the South Island, their farm boasts gorgeous mountain views & lush pastures; but the views were nothing compared to these two gems & their wee fur baby!

If their smiles don’t make you smile, I’m not sure what will. Now we are just waiting for Chris to take a knee so we can officially call him family!! In all seriousness, I just love these two and wish we weren’t a world apart. Thank you for being such great sports & allowing me to photograph in one of my dream locations.

If you are interested in having me take your photos in New Zealand (or anywhere around the world), please don’t hesitate to contact me. I LOVE to travel & we will be returning to New Zealand every year!!




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