January 9, 2016

Stay With Me | McGlynn Family

When I first booked this family session, I thought nothing of it. I had taken photos for them previously, and loved it. They were a young vibrant, beautiful family.

I knew Dale had been fighting cancer, and they had just welcomed a baby boy into the world. It is an honour to be asked to take photos at the best of times & I always try my best to capture my clients, but this was a bit different. Not only was it a huge undertaking, I had to go about it in a different manner. I was not trying to capture my client’s best sides, in the best possible light, with an amazing background. Rather, I was capturing the raw emotion of a family losing a husband, son & father.

It may be selfish of me, but for some reason whenever someone passes or is sick, I revert back to the emotions of losing dad. I cherish each and every photo we have together, and even more so the videos. Maybe it is because you can see them moving & smiling – showing their emotion.

I have literally next to no experience for taking or creating videos….but for some reason, while driving to the hospital that morning I had this overwhelming feeling that I had to make a video for them.

To say I was nervous would be an understatement.

But, when I walked into their room a calmness took over. My nerves settled, palms dried & we began. I did not want to let them know I was taking short videos amidst the photos in case they didn’t turn out.

I wanted to leave them with something they can look back on for years to come and remember the love in the last few days, not the cancer.

Music: “Just Breathe” – Pearl Jam

After leaving the session, I felt angry & sad. Angry that such a terrible disease exists & sad it was taking such a wonderful man. Sad for his wife, who is left with a newborn & toddler. Sad for the children that will grow up without their father.

But then, I felt a sense of gratitude. I was grateful they had asked me into such a sensitive time in their lives. Grateful I was now able to create something for them that will forever remind them of the bonds that hold them together.

One of the toughest sessions has ended up being one of the most rewarding.

…in loving memory of Dale McGlynn

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