January 8, 2018

Taking Better Photos on your Phone | Brz Winter Newsletter

So many of us don’t want to carry our big cameras everywhere with us. & for everyday photos, your phone can actually do a really good job!!

Some tricks I use for taking photos include:

-Ensuring you have enough light: Phones generally do not work well in low-light situations and the flash often is too harsh and desaturates your photo.

-Tap to focus: I always tap my subject to focus on that point. This will also lower your aperture and create the bokeh effect (or blurs your background).

-If you want your subject to pop: create distance between your subject and the backdrop; after tapping your subject the backdrop will become out of focus & your eye will be drawn to your subject.

-Avoid the zoom: zooming in on things will decrease the quality of your photo

For editing I love:

-Lightroom for your phone: this allows your to edit with ease right on your handheld device

-Instagram filters: but be careful not to “over edit”. I always refer back to my original photo to ensure I have’t gotten too carried away!

Practice makes perfect! The beautiful thing about the digital age is that you can always delete unwanted photos.

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